Are healthcare providers and young people talking about sexuality?

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Why is this research important? This review asked the question, are youth with disabilities and their healthcare providers (HCPs) talking about sexuality? Studies involving youth under 21 and their HCPs were examined to identify themes including what was talked about, how often and the barriers to conversations. Talking about sexuality is more than just the basics of biology; it's [...]

Why Working with Pediatric Health Care Providers can Support Healthy Sexuality for Youth with Disabilities

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Why is this research important? Youth and families living with disabilities often have inadequate education and guidance regarding sexual health development. In our current world, youth with and without disabilities are getting more sexual health information from media than through formal education or health care providers. This report aims to prove the important role that pediatric health care providers [...]

Using Perspectives of People with Intellectual Disabilities to Create Targeted, and Meaningful Sex Education Programs

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Why is this research important? Current sexual health education programs have failed to involve people with intellectual disabilities (ID) in the creation of these programs. Not including perspectives of individuals with IDs lowers the likelihood that the sexual education program will be effective at reaching them. This study aimed to assess the perspectives of youth living with ID by [...]

Seeking Safer Sexual Spaces: Queer and trans young people labelled with intellectual disabilities and the paradoxical risks of restriction

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Why is this research important? Understanding sexual experiences, knowledge and needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth labelled with intellectual disability is a new area of research. The authors of the article found a need to understand how social and environmental factors influence the sexual health and well-being of these youth. The term “labelled with intellectual disability” is used [...]

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